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Unique hand painted commission landscape painting , painted from your digital photos/images , custom original artwork.


Chris Dec 27, 2022




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I am an artist working out of Sydney, Australia creating custom ordered commissioned paintings for customers around the world.

I use traditional painting processes and materials. No printing is involved in my process.

I want to create a customized, unique painting from your own reference photo or a detailed brief. I can paint in various styles as shown in the pictures here.

Whatever style you prefer, the most important thing is that your painting remains a true representation of the photo or brief that you send me. Study the photos above for a few examples of my work in various sizes and styles.

I aim to keep your painting unique and artistic. After all, itโ€™s a painting you are ordering, not just a photo enlargement. Unlike many other customized "painting" services you will find on Etsy, I do NOT just digitally print out your photo and cover it with some semi-transparent paint and call it a "painting". Your painting will be created on a blank canvas from scratch in the traditional way.

If you like the sample works shown here, please read on...


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